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Entice consumers directly at Taiwan’s only International Snacks Fair


Following Taiwan’s fast-growing snack food industry and robust buyer’s market, the International Snacks Fair (ISF) welcome all snacks producers to participate in this annual festival. Scheduled to take place from 11 to 13 August, 2017 at the Taipei World Trade Centre, ISF aims to create a fantasy world for all participants. To keep the excitement going, the theme of the Fair will vary from year to year. This year, participants will be able to enter the world of “Hansel and Gretel” and experience a delicious adventure like the fairy tale brother and sister. The fair will be a perfect place for manufacturers and suppliers to connect directly with buyers.  They can meet with their customers up-close and share their newest selection of snacks products to entice both domestic and possible export buyers.

A wide range of snacks of different tastes and types will be available for sale at ISF.  Product categories include: Chocolate, Chocolate Products, Pastry, Sweets; Savoury Snacks, Dry Fruits and Vegetables, Nuts, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Popsicle, Pre-packaged Beverage and other varieties.  The identified product range have been carefully chosen to meet various consumer consumption preferences and are set to meet the different taste buds of curious consumers. Manufacturers of both traditional and international taste-infused snacks will gain exclusive chances to present their unique offerings that may be the new most-sellable snack in the market. Apart from everyday consumers, targeted visitors at ISF include commercial buyers such as those from industries such as; food retailers, distributors, importers, hotel and hospitality, airlines and transportation hubs, entertainment centres, leisure activity places and others.

Succeed in Taiwan’s rising snacks industry

While snack foods are typically sold via retail channels at convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and more recently online store, ISF allow exhibiting companies a chance to establish closer relationship with customer base. Taken the idea from the pop-up store, exhibiting companies at ISF can expect to meet and have close engagement with meet a lot of target audiences in a fantasy environment and deliver an unforgettable experience. ISF offers the perfect platform to enhance brand image and test the water for potential business prospects.

Taiwan’s thriving metropolitans – Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung hold the highest sales potential for snacks due to higher standards of living and higher disposable incomes. Regardless, purchasing power across the country’s dynamic population remains high as snacks have become a secondary staple to their daily consumption need. Based on Euromonitor International Report in 2016, “packaged food benefits from rising demand for higher quality products. Packaged food (including snacks) in Taiwan recorded healthy growth in volume and current value terms in 2016. On the consumer side, the main factor behind this positive performance was growing demand for products made from higher quality and healthier ingredients.”

Optimize access to China and regional markets

In addition to its prosperous domestic market, Taiwan’s proximity to China and other Asian markets makes it a highly effective base for businesses. Having established good trading relationships with surrounding markets, Taiwan provide a nurturing business environment to support export activities. For foreign snack manufacturers, eying entry or greater market access into China, Taiwan is also the strategic springboard to secure distributorship. According to statista, China’s snack foods industry is worth close to USD 65 billion dollar in 2016 and has been rapidly expanding due to strong production volume with booming consumer and commercial sales.

With higher snacks sales distribution projected across China, Asia and other emerging markets, snacks producers originating or distributing from Taiwan can anticipate good business growth across many snack segments. For example, the increasing preference for healthy and fat-free snacks are expected to dominate the global snacks market in the coming years. Domestically, Taiwan’s large snack fans will also be influenced by new consumption trends and bring simultaneous demand boom to the industry. As the snacks industry promises a bright future, the International Snacks Fair will deliver a valuable trade event that is not to be missed.


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