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A Must-See: Patent Technology in Cutting Fluids at International Metal Technology Taiwan


Industry buzz on undeniable quality impacts of cutting fluid on robustness of machine operation takes center stage at International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan) this year. From 6-8 December 2016, reputable companies in the Metal Forming & Processing sector will gather at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center to showcase their latest technology that fronts new developments in the industry. Technology such as surface treatments and cutting fluids can be found for industry professionals who are seeking solutions to enhance their operational productivity and machinery performance.


Better Quality and Better Environment

As corporate sustainability issues increasingly become a top agenda for companies, the “Going Green” movement to tackle global warming effects and optimal use of natural resources has become a central issue for the heavy manufacturing industries. Across metal businesses, the need to balance technological advancement and environmental responsibility is a unique challenge that can be addressed with innovation. Recognized as the forefront trade event that highlights such timely industry issues, iMT Taiwan offers a wide range of solutions to support businesses improvements with better manufacturing systems and relevant technologies.


Market leaders in the Metal Forming & Processing sector such as Hantai Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwanabrator Co., Ltd, Chung Jih Treatment Chemicals Inc., Henkel Taiwan, VSM, Super Abrasive Co., Ltd., will present their newest products and share critical technology information to potential business partners. Among the many exhibit highlights include Henkel’s patent cutting fluids. The proprietary emulsion technology with smaller droplets and stable droplets of the emulsion is said to increase the quality of the products. With no bactericide in the fluids, it not only protects workers’ health but also the environment. This fluid is designed to be used in the metal processing of general metal, aerospace-grade stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, and aerospace-certificated metal and magnesium.


Customization and Flexibility

Optimizing Kaohsiung’s position as Taiwan’s heavy metal industry cluster, industry professionals can find and receive the most comprehensive knowledge about metal related products and technologies in one trip. When visiting iMT Taiwan, visitors also have exclusive opportunities to visit local factories and get a first-hand impression of the production line. Not only well-known for their products and services’ competitive prices, Taiwan companies also provide high customization flexibility to cater to specific customer requirements. Essentially, international businesses who seek reliable partners that can offer top service level, high-technology offerings and valuable market knowledge as well as application expertise will experience a fruitful visit at iMT Taiwan.

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