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The 2019 Wine & Gourmet Taipei

Wine Tasting Knowledge and Fun– A Noteworthy Wine Festival

The 2019 Wine & Gourmet Taipei, also the biggest and most professional wine festival in Taiwan, will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 from May 24 to 26.  


With a collection of over a thousand wines and other beverages from various countries, including, Japanese Sake, aged whiskey, and craft beer, this event also provides exquisite foods such as thoughtfully selected world-class Iberian ham and Japanese beef, with high-quality utensils to make the trend of Taiwan wine tasting more diverse and colorful. The on-site activities are well planned and include the Taiwan Best Sommelier Competition Final and RVF World Wine Blind Tasting Competition in Taiwan. Wine expert Paul Peng Wang, the sommelier Hung-Liang Chang, employed at a Michelin 2-star restaurant, and Mr. Juan Becerra, the famous wine superstar, are invited all to give lectures on wine tasting knowledge, ensuring that visitors have a fun experience in addition to tasting wine and food. Therefore, the brand market can be opened up to establish a platform for interaction and encourage a culture of wine tasting in Taiwan.

Knowledge and Fun 1 – The Union of Wine Experts 

Wine Tasting Lectures

We are honored to invite wine expert Paul Peng Wang, who has been the sole judge of the International Wine Tasting Competition, the international certified instructor, and the Taiwan Sommelier Association counselor, to give lectures on the Inter-Rhône Certified Wine Course, Level 1. The course, which will be divided into four sections, will include information on the geographical location, historical development, economic status, and the difference of wine tasting between the north and the south. In this course, six fine wines will also be included for wine tasting. Those who complete the course will be awarded the training certificate as an entrance to explore the magnificent and profound world of wine.


The sommelier Hung-Liang Chang, who held the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) L3 at Ryugin is also employed at a Michelin 2-star restaurant. In addition, Hung-Liang Chang recently became the first non-Japanese person to win the championship of world sommelier in 2019. Hung-Liang Chang will additionally be giving a lecture on “Understanding Japanese Sake in an Hour,” explaining the culture of Japanese Sake based on his background and experiences. Wine superstar Mr. Juan Becerra, will also share “the annual selected best wine” to explore the mystery of aged wine. Furthermore, Pei-Hung Song, sommelier and founder of Taiwan Head Brewers Brewing Company, will provide information on the development of the Taiwan beer industry and understanding how craft beer production has risen over the years.

Knowledge and Fun 2 – The Battle of the Sommeliers   

Taiwan’s Best Sommelier Competition Final

The Taiwan Sommelier Association (TSA) promotes the most influential and credible ASI Diploma recommended by leading experts in the wine industry. The TSA also makes great efforts to deepen wine culture, encouraging Taiwan’s outstanding sommeliers to receive international recognition. Currently, there are less than 100 experienced and qualified sommeliers in Taiwan; therefore, the Sixth Taiwan Best Sommelier Competition Final is of great importance for the country’s competing wine experts. English and French are the only languages that can be used to communicate during the competition proceedings. Based on the live simulation of the sommelier, wine service, blind tasting, order correction, quiz show, and food and wine pairing, the participants must perform their best as professional experts within the given time. The most favorable sommelier with the highest score given by the judges will ultimately win the competition.

Knowledge and Fun 3 – Sip of the Tongue

The RVF World Wine Blind Tasting Competition in Taiwan

The first match of the Seventh RVF World Wine Blind Tasting Competition in Taiwan will be held at the 2019 Wine & Gourmet Taipei. There are a total of three matches in this region: identifying French wine, non-French wine, and a team competition. By blind tasting 12 wines from all over the world, the participants must give the correct answers concerning the wine’s main grape varieties and their production areas. The team with the highest score will win the competition.


The World Wine Blind Tasting Competition is organized by Le Revue de Vin de France. In 2018, the participants from Taiwan took part in the competition for their first time and with their excellent performance, placed fourth. The scores accumulated by the Taiwanese participants was only one point less than the scores accumulated by the French participants who finished third place in the competition. Taiwan has also been invited to compete with professional sommeliers from all around the world in the competition held at Chateau Chambord in October 2019.


The 2019 Wine & Gourmet Taipei is led by The Taiwan Sommelier Association (TSA) for the purpose of giving visitors a guide on wine tasting and an introduction to the knowledge of wine production areas. Furthermore, The TSA aims to assist in strengthening the style of wine, deepening the brand awareness, and reinforcing the relationship between wine, food, and culture in Taiwan. Media representatives and the public are welcome to participate in this annual event that represents the Taiwanese wine industry while offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy good food and wine,, expand their knowledge on wine production, and enjoy the entertaining wine tasting competitions. A wide range of enjoyable and educational activities can be expected at the 2019 Wine & Gourmet Taipei.    


Media representatives and the public are welcome to attend the event and experience all the fun activities available. Please check the official website for further information or follow the Facebook link (Wine & Gourmet Taipei) to receive the latest news.


“Don’t drink and drive. Excessive Drinking is harmful to your health. “

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