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2019 International Sweet & Snack Fair

The only snack-based amusement park,  Sweet Party and Fest has been unveiled

The 2nd International Sweets & Snacks Fair will have its Grand Opening at Hall No. 3 of the Taipei World Trade Center, with the exhibition being held from May 24th to 26th. 2019. During the three-day weekend, the fair will unveil an incredibly sweet festival for all its visitors!


Taiwan’s snack market is flourishing, with new products constantly being introduced, not to mention the high-quality foreign imported from time to time. Consumers have also been paying special attention to such issues as no additives, non-genetic improvement, low calorie, and natural health. In fact, the purpose of the International Sweets & Snacks Fair is to encourage a favorable communication platform for the food and snack industry and promote opportunities for comprehensive business cooperation in order to trig innovation. During the First International Sweets & Snacks, the amount of visitors was overwhelming. What a phenomenal spectacle to have attracted more than 15,000 visitors to the exhibition in just three days.


This year, the same organizer, Kaigo Company Limited, has enthusiastically curated the event and joined with the Taiwan Food Development Association, other co-organizers, and many other food and snack brands from both home and abroad to exhibit more than 100 varieties of delicious snacks and international products for visitors to enjoy. These selections include Labingoo fruit ice-cream, a Golden Horse Award winner, Gery's roll pastry of bursting black chocolate, which has won the hearts of the entire Asian market, and tons of other delicious snacks!

Activities like new product press conferences have also been arranged at the site. For example, the latest flavors of Labingoo ice cream, "matcha," "taro and sorghum," and "purple sweet potato," will be launched. Furthermore, the CEO of ihergo will be invited to deliver a speech on current market trends, and ceremony awards, flash shops, fun interactive games, and more will be provided. Most of all, a variety of rich prizes and sweepstakes are just waiting for you, as is the cutest mascot, Yummy Bear, pumping up the magnificent party that is the international snack exhibition.


Party Highlight 1 - The Debut of the Ultimate Mascot -- Cute Yummy Bear
The giant and cute toy figurine -- Yummy Bear, of the International Sweets & Snacks Fair, will appear for the first time, which will bring together all of the brand mascots, like Haribo Bear, Dutch Sour Lion, and more, to join the carnival parade as they conduct lively and vivid interaction. These mascots will also take a break to take photos and have fun with the children, who will find as if they were in a fairy kingdom. In this kingdom, the fun and joy of family is the best, and these mascots will attract the everyone’s attention.


Party Highlight 2 - Joint-name International Cartoon Characters bursting with the popularity of overwhelming fans
Several joint-name products have been exclusively planned for some internationally loved cartoon characters, which are not only delicious, but also fun. Amandier creative baking gifts has combined the high-profile "Kana Hera" both in Japan and Taiwan to launch popcorn-style gift boxes, egg-roll gift boxes, and co-branded "Hello Kitty" products with fans all over the world, a series of visual pink that seems to make girls' hearts explode. Most of all, the world-famous Chupa Chups, which has mysteriously co-branded with "Korea's hottest group" as it sweeps over Taiwan, will appear at the show with a "surprise!"


Party Highlight 3 - Endorsement Appearance by Chen Yan-ming, the entire country’s boyfriend, with a distinguished complexion and outlook

Chen Yan-ming, a new generation and high-quality actor and the national boyfriend, will be invited to endorse the natural local ice-cream brand, Labingoo, and will appear on stage at the press conference to interact with fans. A number of social-network celebrities have also been invited to the site to participate in the ceremony of delicacies. So, come check in and capture those stars and have both your bellies and eyes well satisfied!


Please visit the official website for more information (( or the official Facebook fan page for "International Sweets & Snacks Fair Taiwan" for the latest information.

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