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Satisfaction abounds over three successful days of Taiwan Hardware Show 2016 




The Taiwan Hardware Show (THS), held from October 12-14 at the Greater Taichung Int’l Expo Center, is proud to announce that visitors from more than 68 countries has participated with us this year. Having recorded promising results from both exhibitors and visitors, THS connected 403 international and local exhibiting companies with over 29,903 buyers and trade professionals from around the world.


Participation of Local and International Big Brands

According to Mr Gerd Keim, Managing Director of Kaigo Co., Ltd. organizer of THS, “With large global demand and popularity of Taiwan manufactured hardware, THS moved the market towards in-trend hardware and latest industrial tools characterized by the country’s innovation and technological capabilities.” Taiwan Hardware Show 2016 was proud to have the innovative and reputable companies such as Re-Dai Precision Tools, Gyokucho Industry, Allprofessional, Honiton Industries, Yih Cheng Factory, and KSS joining the show. This year, the exhibition floor space increased by 16% as compared to the previous year. The total number of international exhibitors also rose by 33%. Exhibitors in the Automotive Supplies & Accessories section increased by 17%, and exhibitors in the Tools & Accessories section increased by 19% respectively.


All visitors were able to find innovative products and new business partners from the exhibition. Those looking to identify multiple local partner or distributor agents were able to tap onto Taiwan’s abundant material resource and technology capital from its many OEM and ODM businesses. Mr. Amos from Italy ACB Tools who had successfully connected with many targeted companies via THS business matching service shared that, “I am happy to meet many suppliers directly through the show. It was a fast-track process for us to identify a credible potential partner who can meet our business need.” 


Success through Market Collaborations 

Taiwan is a highly active and strategic market that pushes technological advancements to shape further development of the international hardware industry. International hardware producers from Europe and other parts of the world look forward to partner local companies to boost domestic manufacturing capabilities and provide access for Taiwanese companies to enter export markets.

According to Mr. Chen from Infar Industrial, “another success at this year’s participation shows that the Taiwan Hardware Show provides solid business prospects for international companies who wish to reach newer markets or partners across and beyond Taiwan.” Market players coming to Taiwan can optimize a conducive business environment with warm government support that promotes a macro industry focus on technology development and global-class product quality.  As such, hardware products made in Taiwan are known to deliver the best offerings for booming industrial sectors from building & construction, automotive, household appliances and electronics to medical equipment even. For Mr. D’Souza who visited from Australia, “After visiting a prospective partner’s factory in Taichung and seeing the varieties of products made here, I am convinced that Taiwan is the right place to grow our business.”


The 16th THS delivered a robust one-stop sourcing and information experience for visiting buyers and trade professionals. The various seminars and concurrent events that augmented the show managed to highlight issues on future hardware trends for the home and commercial segments, opportunities for market players to optimize innovation and social changes that will change user behavior and buying preferences.


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