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Taiwan Hardware Show celebrates 22 years at New Venue in Taipei Move to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre speeds up Taiwan-to-Global markets delivery

Commemorating over two decades of remarkable success, innovation, and unwavering dedication to support Taiwan’s development as a global powerhouse in the hardware production market, the nation’s leading hardware event, the Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) celebrates 22 years of commitment to the industry and to market players with a timely relocation to a new venue in the capital, Taipei. The move to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre for the 2023 edition happening from 18 to 20 October this year signifies Kaigo Co; Ltd – THS’ organizer renewed focus on bringing global hardware professionals even closer and with easier access to their Taiwanese business partners.

Since its inception, the Taiwan Hardware Show has been the must-attend event that spotlights the unique capabilities of Taiwan's hardware industry. Year after year, this industry-recognised event has showcased the unparalleled craftsmanship, cutting-edge technologies, and resilient commitment to excellence and quality that have propelled Taiwan to the forefront of the global hardware landscape. The Taiwan Hardware Show is proud to contribute towards the kickstart of any global hardware entrepreneurial journey, by finding the right suppliers and trusted business partners in the country and transporting the expertise back home in Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, even to neighbouring North Asian countries.

“Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all exhibitors, visitors, partners and supporting organizations who have contributed to the resounding success of the Taiwan Hardware Show throughout the years. The unwavering commitment has played a pivotal role in making this event an unrivalled platform for the exchange of expertise, knowledge, and opportunities – all key factors that make Taiwan a conducive business hub for the global hardware manufacturing and suppliers’ community,” Gerd Keim, President, Kagio Co; Ltd.

Bringing the best of Taiwan’s Hardware Players from across the Country to Taipei

“From the first THS edition, we have observed the innovation sprint of Taiwan’s competitive hardware suppliers from around the country, crossing several industrial counties and manufacturing sites. Gathering the best of Taiwan at the most travel-convenient location for international visitors in central Taipei is the right move to facilitate real business,” Gerd Keim added.

Over the past 22 years, the Taiwan Hardware Show has provided a platform for industry professionals, visionaries, and innovators from around the world to connect, collaborate, and witness firsthand the immense potential that lies within Taiwan's hardware sector. THS continued success is testament to the tireless efforts and collective brilliance of local industry movers, in partnership with international supporters that have shaped the industry's trajectory and elevated it to newer heights with each THS edition.

Taiwan has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and set new benchmarks for excellence across its targeted exhibit profile. From fast-moving DIY hardware and off-the-shelf hand tools easily purchased at retail outlets, THS’s exhibiting companies are steering the industry’s next-generation manufacturing trend with scale-up solutions towards professional hardware technology that are in high-demand by skilled professionals in the ship building, marine engineering, aerospace, fabrication for heavy industries manufacturing and other smart machinery driven sectors. This progressive effort will push Taiwan’s hardware producers to augment other industries’ manufacturing transformation and in tandem expand THS’s niche showcase covering; power or hand tools, building supplies, machine and plant equipment, automotive supplies plus other hardware-related parts, fastener, fittings or accessories.

At the heart of preserving the business continuity of the country’s hardware industry workforce, the Taiwan Hardware Show will introduce T+SAFE, Taiwan’s First Trade Fair Dedicated to Safety and Health at Work as an offshoot show from its safety equipment and supplies segment. With T+SAFE renewed positioning, the plumbing and lock exhibit segments will also be spotlighted for its synergy on environmental technologies and safe work spaces with secured applications driven by tech-driven hardware gears and wearables.

The captivating possibilities that emerge from the convergence of technology, creativity, and determination from leading exhibitors such as Lancer (Yih Cheng Factory Co., Ltd.), E-Make Co., Ltd., Gong Fong Enterprise Co., Ltd, KST Terminals, Matatakitoyo Tool Co., Ltd. Kheiron Corp. and others provide strong draw for corporate buyers and professional visitors comprising distributors, brand owners from various industries such as FMCG, electronics, household and lifestyle goods to visit THS. Signalling the precipice of a new era of untapped potential for even greater advancements awaiting market frontrunners and lucrative opportunity space for new market entrants, THS is set to welcome some 300 exhibiting companies and 10,000 attendees.

With the longstanding support from EDRA (European DIY & Retailers Association), GHIN (Global Home Improvement Network), TAMI (Taiwan Association of Machinery Manufacturers), IHA (International Federation of Hardware & Housewares Association), Japan DIY. Home Centre Association, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association and other partner organizations, THS 2023 will forge more new partnerships, foster collaborations, and inspire each other to create a future where Taiwan continues to lead the world in hardware production, innovation, and sustainable growth. Some of these esteemed industries thought leaders will be sharing their market insights at dedicated seminar sessions onsite.

Visitor registration has opened online with attractive subsidies for qualified international buyers. Aspiring hardware industry professionals and business start-ups are also invited to engage in meaningful dialogues with prospective OEMs, contract manufacturers and suppliers. The Taiwan Hardware Show will be co-located with the International Metal Technology Taiwan (IMT Taiwan) to deliver a one-stop sourcing and procurement experience for metal manufacturing and hardware businesses. For more information on THS participation opportunities and show programs, visit

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