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iMT Taiwan 2018 promotes Taiwan’s metal industry to international markets


International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan) 2018 is set for a stronger, new-record setting return this year at a new strategic venue within the heart of Taiwan’s industrial cluster. The exhibition will be held from 5 to 7 December 2018 at the Taichung International Exhibition Center, bringing exhibitors and visitors closer to the manufacturing facilities that produce Taiwan’s highly sought-after metal products. 

Organized by Kaigo Co., Ltd to be the most professional one-stop sourcing platform for both local and international players in the industry, iMT Taiwan provides complete series of machinery, equipment, products and services in the metal industry supply chain. Presenting unique arrays of precision process technologies and solutions as well as processing and manufacturing equipment, iMT Taiwan’s unique and specialized showcase puts the exhibition as a major player in promoting Taiwan’s metal material science capabilities. iMT Taiwan offers a high-quality procurement and technology exchange platform, and invites markets leaders from all over the world to explore new market opportunities and bringing buyers directly to their preferred manufacturers and other potential partners.

iMT Taiwan strengthens position as the only exhibition with a strong focus on metal materials and precision machinery

This year, due to the recent transformation of Taiwan’s metal processing industry towards high-value systems and processes, iMT Taiwan will be devoted to enhancing professional skills, research and development materials, and focusing on smart manufacturing to follow the industry’s future direction.

As one of Taiwan's major industries, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has promoted the development of the metal industry towards higher value in recent years and hope to move forward with the goal of creating more value-added sectors with parallel growth and benefits to the metal industry in the future.

Against the wave of Industry 4.0, iMT Taiwan will provide more focus on the combination of metal materials production and development of precision machinery and technologies to show the complete strengths of Taiwan's robust and holistic metal industry. This new spotlight will augment iMT Taiwan’s successfully-curated 13 product categories - Material Science and Engineering, Heat Technology, Metallurgy, Foundry, Forging, Molding, Coating, Joint and Cut Technology, Metal Forming Technology, Tube Machinery and Equipment, Wire Machinery and Equipment, Semi-finished and Finished Products, and Turnkey Equipment.

iMT Taiwan will now be located in the center of Taiwan -Taichung, the smart capital of machinery offers exclusive advantages

Moved from its previous location in Kaohsiung to the new venue in Taichung this year, iMT Taiwan will now be located in the center of Taiwan. As the industrial cluster region of Taiwan, Taichung bears advantages of having both the sea and air ports at its bay, and is also the hub of trains and high-speed rail transport for fast connectivity across the country. Taiwan is the fourth largest exporter of machine tools in the world, of which nearly 90% of these exporting industries and their manufacturing companies are concentrated in the Greater Taichung region. These include the machinery industry, module industry, hand tools industry, bicycle industry, steam locomotive component industry, metal processing industry and others. Its strategic geography at the makes Taichung a resource-blessed location that would be a successful industrial settlement and home to multiple industries that welcome the world to Taiwan.  

IMT 2018 set to welcome more overseas visitors after recording 30% increase last year

The last exhibition was successfully held from November 16 to 18, 2017, hosting 5093 international buyers with the support of the Kaohsiung City Government and Germany's Messe Düsseldorf, a top five trade fair company in the world. Over the 3-day exhibition, a total of 131 manufacturers from 16 countries participated to showcase their cutting-edge global innovations as well as made-in—Taiwan inventions, where most of the machinery have been locally-produced with high-tech processing and customized capabilities for worldwide use and distribution. Given Taiwan’s production strength and competitive edge, Taiwan's high-value products will continue to be in demand in the global market and the country will rank as a top metal production powerhouse and sought-after global supply chain market globally.  

For more information please contact:

+886 2 2595 4212  Mr. Andrew Liu  ext. 725

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