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2019 International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT),

Leading Event in the Metal Industries,Taichung

As an iconic professional international exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, the International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan) draws businesses of metal materials, casting, forging, heat treatment, machining processes, and whole plant equipment to its exhibitions. iMT embodies the amazing strength of Taiwan’s metal industries while attracting buyers from around the world. In recent years, there has been a rapid surge in the number of professionals attending the fair.

Iconic Metal Industry Exhibition in the Asia-Pacific

iMT Taiwan, now in its fifth year, connects Taiwan’s upstream, midstream, and downstream metal industries, linking businesses from metal materials, secondary metal processing, precision processing equipment, and value-added metals and application.


Particularly, the focal point is Taiwan’s metal materials, metal processing technologies, precision machinery processing, as well as casting, forging, welding, cutting, metallurgy, heat treatment, surface treatment, and molding technologies, showcasing Taiwan’s multifaceted strengths and expertise related to metal.


Since its establishment, iMT Taiwan has become an internationally acclaimed and an iconic metal industry exhibition in the Asia-Pacific. In 2018, a total of 157 renowned businesses from 17 countries, took part in the exhibition. Professional buyers from various countries including the US, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and France were present. It is expected that the scale of iMT this year will once again surpass that of previous reiterations.


Speeding Up the Expansion of Overseas Markets

The metal industries have always been critical drivers of Taiwan’s economic growth, and their strengths are widely acknowledged internationally. This year, Kaigo Company Ltd. took a group of delegates from Taiwan to GMTN trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany from June 25 to 29. In an effort promote businesses and invite heavyweight buyers to iMT Taiwan for visiting and procurement and penetrate the market internationally. In addition, international buyers are offered a maximum of $15,000 accommodation subsidy and transport shuttle services by Kaigo, and can take advantage of the one-on-one business meetings and factory visits. Kaigo places great importance on ensuring that Taiwanese businesses establish close relationships with international buyers.


Technology Trends in Forward-looking Industries

The metal industries are constantly evolving in terms of management and manufacturing. At the forefront are new technologies such as smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, IoT, and big data. That is why Kaigo this year invites ABB, Da Shiang Automation Co., Ltd. (DSA), and KUKA to the fair and introduce the latest technological trends and solutions in terms of casting, metallic processing, and mould and die industries. Various industry experts are also invited to provide insights on the trends and changes of international trade and the industries allowing businesses in Taiwan to gain better insight.

Connecting with Local Resources

As the organizer of iMT Taiwan, Kaigo Company Ltd. is blessed with more than 40 years of professional expertise in exhibition, and is widely acknowledged for its expertise in this field. Apart from Kaigo, iMT Taiwan this year is organized in conjunction with the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, and is supported by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Foundry Society, Taiwan Casting Industry Association, Taiwan Light Metals Association, Taiwan Welding Society, The Taiwan Society for Metal Heat Treatment, Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association, and various metallurgy associations as well as other institutions. Together we will make iMT Taiwan become a business platform that connects Taiwan’s metal industries with global industries and bring more business opportunities!


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